Daniele Innocenti

Agricoltural Farm Biological in Tuscany

Production   Card

  Extravirgin Biological DOP Olive Oil "Lo Scoglio"


Production   area  :


Montenero of Orcia - Casteldelpiano (GR) - Tuscany - Italy

Variety   cultivated  :

  Leccino, Frantoiano

Harvested  :


By hand, directly from  the  tree, in the  month of  November ,  within the farmerís  own  territory ..

Extraction   method  :


Traditional, cold-pressed .

Organoleptic  characteristics  :


Intensely green colour;  aroma that is fragrant, fruity, and tends to retain the  aroma of  the just pressed olives;  taste that is smooth,  having  a characteristic  bite  at the  end  that increases with  time

Serving   suggestions :


Ideal with all meats, fish and salads.