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Agricoltural Farm and Wine Olive Oil Biological in Tuscany

The DOP extravirgin biological olive oil "IGP Toscana"



The extravirgin biological olive oil "IGP Toscana"



This is an excellent extravirgin biological olive oil, obtained from olive trees of the quality of Leccino and Frantoiano, and hand picked at the right moment of maturity,   This comes from the Monte Amiata hills, and is crushed by a fully automated cold press machine.  The olive trees of this area, greatly favoured by climate and territory, have resulted in a product that is especially appreciated for its characteristic intensely fruity taste and for its very  low grade of acidity.  Its production requires today, as in the past, all the attention, precision and care that should be dedicated to such a high quality product.    In order to merit the trade mark of extra virgin, the oil has to be without defects and in accordance with the chemical-physical parameters fixed by international standards which require that acidity does not exceed the value of 1 gram per 100 grams of the product (1%).  The olives, which are only taken from local olive trees, are picked by hand, in accordance with a method that today still remains the best because it enables a selective harvesting,  This fully guarantees the integrity and respect due to the fruit, which is fundamental to the quality of the product and does not inflict any damage on the tree itself.  Every precaution is taken to avoid bruising, and to ensure that the olives are taken to the local oil press in the quickest possible time.   They are then cold pressed on a granite mill so as to avoid any chemical reactions.   Being a natural product, extra virgin oil is linked to seasonal changes which can result in  taste and colour changing from one year to another, or being modified from one month to the next.


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